Habighorst Worldwide

How we think!

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Every process begins with an idea. Good ideas can remove barriers and open new perspectives. This is what we carry out day by day.


Linkage on all levels
A fundamental factor in the successful implementation of out company ethics is the approach that all levels are cared for on the basis of a long-term partnership as well as with profit-making activities. This naturally applies not only internally with our employees, but also on the external front with our clients, suppliers and last but not least our QM agents.

This how all our partners in this chain profit from reliability, flexibility, and competitiveness.


ERP- Enterprise Resource Planning
Inventory management in other words, which harmonises business strategies with operational processes! For raising & optimising productivity and transparency- we think the modern ERP system from SAP is the way forward. This is why we can best adapt our business processes rapidly to ever-changing branch demands.
Correct management of personnel,(nicht Human Resources Management) finance & accountancy, logistics, production, and sales are directed from our ERP system.


When selecting our suppliers, what we value most of all are short lines of communication, because with rapid-reaction suppliers we are in a position to better keep our promises.


Our team
Employees who are constantly updated in the latest procedures and techniques enhance the capacity to produce a product which in turn, reflects the quality expected. Benefits are reaped all-round when workers are involved in processes where responsibility is taken seriously- from which we can all take advantage of.

Each and everyone should have the opportunity to express enthusiasm, with creative improvements- again for the benefit of us all. Every idea has a chance!


Machines- precise, modern, dependable
Our machines are state-of-the-art, ensuring exact and fast production processes- at all production levels.

With the most modern innovative technology, CNC-driven machinery, 3D CAD/CAM construction software, high-quality tooling solutions, as well as a wide selection of peripherals, we like to think we are at the forefront of production technology.


Permanent Quality Control
The whole organisation as well as all processes is executed under permanent strict quality controls according to EN ISO 9001:2015. For our clients this guarantees on-going high product quality. No product, whether single product, subassembly or system leaves our premises without diligent control.

What takes place is permanent control of the complete manufacturing process- from goods-in through to final approval of the goods before dispatch.

Following are the test systems we are most successful with:

1.    Material testing and monitoring
2.    Production supervision
3.    CAQ monitoring
4.    Surface examination
5.    Residual dirt analysis


With the correctly prepared structure & organisation, where clients can rely on a dependable QM system, we are in the position of being able to be permanently available to clients as a problem-solver.